We're experts in highly-compliant member enrollment, service and administration support (Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial / EGWP).

With our technology and our people, we manage very large-scale end-to-end health insurance processes for our business clients - from eligibility and enrollment processing to service, premium billing and payment processing, reconciliation and other related services.

Commitment to Compliance and Quality

Our leadership team works diligently to install a commitment to quality and compliance into our culture and operations.

Supporting the End-to-End member process with our people and technology

All functionality shown below can function as independent or end-to-end modules to support clients' current infrastructure and needs.

Reconciliation Reporting Analytics Compliance and Quality Assurance
Pre-Enrollment no yes yes yes
Enrollment no yes yes yes
Outbound Enrollment Verification yes yes yes yes
Creditable Coverage Determination yes yes yes yes
Member and Provider Services yes yes yes yes
Grievance and Appeals yes yes yes yes